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About Us

Maryland’s only workers injury pharmacy is headquartered in Annapolis, MD.

RescueMeds Pharmacy was founded with a mission to provide reliable care at to the injured worker. We provide an important lifeline to patients who have a pending case, a difficult adjuster, an uncooperative insurance company, or medication roadblocks

Valuing our public safety heroes, patient recovery, integrity and superior service are the core tenets of our business. We ship during all stages of litigation on cases, even prior to compensability on reviewed cases.

RescueMeds exclusively serves injured workers in 15 states with  more states are being added to their license roster daily.

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Have recommended 2+ people, all law enforcement including my primary care physician. Customer service is A#1 and its a joy to work with!
One call and I had Rx at my doorstep the next day! The process could not have been easier. Thank you, RescueMeds!
Happy Customer
Maryland, USA
RescueMeds handles all of the paperwork for our clients! They are taken care of immediately and have meds within days!
Law Firm
Hey Kev! I received your voicemail. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know our client is very happy. I would be too. I will be sure to reach out to you. As I have told you prior, you are the only one I use at RescueMeds. Not because I don’t like anyone else, but because you're great at what you do. Julie and I certainly appreciate you.
Melissa A. Brooks
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