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Hand-Delivered Rx

Hand-Delivered Rx

RescueMeds is all about the best Rx delivery in the business.

RescueMeds is now offering same-day and next-day hand-delivered prescriptions in Maryland with an emphasis on exceptional customer service and personalized delivery.

Our newest team member, Brandee, will be handling deliveries for injured workers south of Baltimore to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery process.

We aim to prevent damaged or misplaced packages and missed delivery dates. In addition, we offer access to live pharmacists to answer questions. To schedule a delivery, you can complete this form.

“Shipping issues can be a huge pain point for RescueMeds and our patients. We have learned that commercial delivery companies lack the reliability we would like our patients to receive. This is how we decided to incorporate delivery by hand when possible,” says Colleen Shields, RescueMeds CEO.

With our headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland has become the logical choice to test launch this program.

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