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Auto Accidents

YOUR auto accident Solution

Making AutoAccidents Uncomplicated

As a courtesy to our Personal Injury attorneys and their clients, we are offering prescription services to select attorneys’ clients at this time. Your client receives meds, regardless of litigation stage!

Save onAdmin Expenses

Free to your client. No pre-authorization required! 


No Upfront Expense
Good for your client 100%
Superior Clinical Oversight
Safety and Care 100%
Reliable & Fast
Meds Delivered Within 48 Hours 100%
Accurate Case Value
Retail Value Monthly Reports Emailed to Attorney 100%
Expert Testimony
Available by Doctors of Pharmacy 100%
Keep Control of "Runaway Balances"
Meds Never Over 10% of Liability Limit (When Known), Generics Only 100%

We file our Own C51 and Pursue Outstanding Invoices

Our Benefits

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We handle all of the workers compensation claim and administrative red tape, including conversations with insurance companies, so you and your team can focus on fighting for your client. Refer Here.

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